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Our revolutionary online system creates a new "hybrid" travel option for sharing the cost of a private jet, a full jet or a commercial airline seat, all in one. For customers who already charter private jets, VolJet introduces the "Charter and Save" option that allows you to get money back as people join your charter. This new "one stop shop" marketplace provides travelers maximized value, through time-savings, flexibility and the perfect "elite-seat" competitively priced.

  • Save time and save money
  • Money back as people join your Charter
  • Mix and match your private and commercial travel at competitive buy now prices
  • Real-time, reliable and secure online reservation system
  • No subscription or long-term purchase commitments
  • Coordination with the commercial airlines as desired
  • Network of FAA safety certified aircraft operators
  • Access to more convenient and less-congested airports
  • Minimized travel time and overnight stays away from home
  • Decreased delays and long layovers at airports
  • Eliminate airport check-in stresses and inconveniences
  • Fewer passengers on board
  • Arrive on-time, rested and ready to go
  • Private, prestigious, pleasurable, efficient

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